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Webinar: Delivering Dynamic Lectures

Delivering Dynamic Lectures

In recent years, lecturing as an instructional strategy has gotten a bad rap. Criticisms of lectures are typically based on stereotypical views of an instructor delivering a dry monologue while tangentially awake (and completely unengaged) students robotically take notes. And, to be fair, if this is how an instructor lectures then the criticism is warranted. But this view fails to consider the power and impact of a well-designed, dynamic lecture--one that not only teaches but motivates and inspires. This presentation overviews strategies for creating and delivering more dynamic classroom lectures. We will examine strategies for creating interactive lectures, active learning approaches to supplement lectures, and questioning techniques to foster student engagement during lectures. Further, we will explore how to design assignments and activities to increase students preparation to engage in lecture classrooms and overview technologies that facilitate students’ engagement during lectures. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
1:00pm - 2:00pm
UNI 343

Event Organizer

The Office of Faculty Development and Innovation

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